Paintings for sale, original oils by artist David Welsh

Landscapes, seascapes, paintings of towns and figures, animals and pets, portrait commissions.

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David Welsh was born in Derbyshire (1937), and educated at Eton and King's College, Cambridge. Now retired, his main career has been as a teacher, but painting has never been far behind. He enjoys portrait painting, as well as landscape work where his specialities are the effect of light, often on water, and interesting and dramatic clouds and skies. In fact he enjoys any new challenge. He has been commissioned recently by BAT to paint the view from their City of London offices. He has always worked in oils, a medium that he finds very suitable for all the effects he wants to achieve.

He has been much influenced by a group of contemporary English artists, who are not Avant-garde, but rather proceed from the Impressionist tradition. He admires, among others, artists like Roy Petley, Fred Cuming, Ken Howard and Bernard Dunstan.

Artist David Welsh

David Welsh at work in his Studio


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